Vinyl Patio Covers and Pergola Ideas

Building a pergola to beat the summer is a good option and there are many ideas to suit the needs and wishes of every individual. Topped with vinyl patio covers, a pergola can be a perfect addition to a home. Though a common idea is to build a rectangular or square pergola, there are many other designs too, such as circular which can be difficult and costly to build, but are rare and unique.  A good search online would offer even more types of pergolas, as well as a search at a library where one may find ideas from the good old days for an antique look. Also, suggestion from friends, neighbors and family are always a good way to brainstorm.

Vinyl Patio Covers and Pergola Ideas

If you have a projection over 12′, we highly recommend 2 ″x 6″ wood inserts for the joist (2″x6″ inserts are not included in base price)

For patio covers that attach to the house, we include a 2″ x 6″ to be inserted into the hollow 2″x6″ vinyl ledger beam. This provides for secure attachment to the house. Vinyl end caps (glued) protect from insects and moisture.

Order from us. We’ve got round columns are available for $285 each for 8′ tall and $315 each for 10′ tall. Columns are delivered unpainted.


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