Building Pergolas

Ground Material for Patio Cover Kits. Concrete is the most common of all patio ground materials because a regular, grey concrete is usually the least expensive and the easiest to install. Although it does not have a very attractive or unique look, this can be rectified by giving a concrete dye with a variety of […]

Aluminum Pergolas Pergolas made of metal are quite popular and the choices are iron, steel or aluminum. Iron and steel have the risk of forming rust which will make them not look good in years to come. No doubt, iron and steel are strong, durable and long lasting, but if rust is formed it will […]

Arbors and Pergolas Although arbors and pergolas have many similarities between them, the major difference lies in their heights. While an arbor is only between six and a half feet to nine feet tall, pergolas are usually much higher. Arbor is a comparatively smaller structure, with an arched top. Whereas, pergolas have open tops and […]

Plants to Decorate your Pergola It is a good idea to grow plants on top of pergolas. But it is advisable to choose the right kind of plants. Some of the flower plants attracts bees and should be avoided so that you are not forced inside by a swarm of bees. Flower plants that have […]

Building Vinyl Pergola Kits Vinyls pergola kits are the best way to produce a walkway that serves as a focal point of attention to the garden. Vinyl pergolas do not fade or discolor and will not need a lot of maintenance. It is very hard to resist the temptation of walking through a vinyl pergola […]

Follow the Steps of a Kit to Build a Pergola Follow the Steps of a Kit to Build a Pergola. Patios are constructed to enhance the beauty and value of a home. It provides shade and protection during all seasons. They are constructed from wood, metal or plastic, including PVC. Various kinds of patio kits […]