Take Care of Small Details in a Pergola A wood pergola is one of the most satisfactory do-it-yourself projects, and all you need is good planning on location and design. First, the place has to be chosen, then accurate measurements of height, width and size need to be made. The posts must be cut and made […]

Pergola, What is it all about? A pergola is an added extra structure that is built on a deck, in a garden or in the backyard of a home. It can be built of any size to suit the needs of the homeowner. The materials also differ, ranging from wood, metal to resin. Pergolas also […]

Patio Cover Kits are Beautiful Patios are beautiful whether they are left open or are covered to give more protection. Retractable patio covers are either hand rolled or mechanized. The first type is made up of heavy duty canvas and a standard cover is used to cover one side of the patio while this other […]

Extend the usage of Pergolas through Covers On patios and under pergolas are places where chairs and tables are placed for a place to sit, eat, talk and relax. Normally they are not covered, but it is a good idea to cover the patio. There are patio kits with cover that enhances the value of […]

Installation of Vinyl Patio Covers Installation of vinyl patio covers is comparatively easier, as against wood or metal. Covers can be either one piece of sheet or if it’s more, it can be installed by overlapping the pieces in 3/4 inches to 1 inch, by welding them together. As against common belief, there will not […]

Don’t Overlook the Minute Details of Patio Kits The price of the patio kit, obviously, depends upon the material with which the patio is made. Vinyl patio kits are long lasting , but also can cost more than wood or metal. Patio kits made of wood are best to make walkways and to enhance the […]

Patio Kits Are Worth the Investment Patio kits are sold both offline and online with a comprehensive package of the required materials, equipment like nails, screw, hammer, jigsaw, measuring tape and so on, along with a detailed manual. When they are ordered online, they are shipped to your doorstep. On the other hand, if they […]

Brief History of Pergolas Pergolas serve the dual purpose of offering beauty as well as shade. The idea of constructing pergolas is as old as the eighteenth century when the Egyptians built them in their gardens. It is the most convenient way of relaxing after a day of hectic schedules, as well as a nice […]

Various Uses of Pergolas . The first type is relatively costlier than than the second, which needs only to be built on three sides with the fourth side being the support of the wall on the house. The location of the pergola depends upon the purpose for which the pergola is being built. If it […]