More Lighting Ideas for Vinyl Pergolas

Though old fashioned, lamp post type of outdoor lighting continues to be a favorite, especially with vinyl pergolas. There are many designs in outdoor patio lighting of lamp post type, ranging from European to Oriental to modern.

The choice of lamp post is perfect when the idea is to complement a specific theme, or to get out of the monotony of a regular patio layout. If the patio is a wide design then stand alone lamps are preferred, though the downside to that is that it takes up more space.

More Lighting Ideas for Vinyl Pergolas

Torch lighting is also another good choice for patio lighting.

You can also get ideas by searching in Pinterest and Google.

Before You Begin…

The very first thing you need to decide, even before you figure out the lighting, is if you want an attached patio cover or freestanding.

Review our extensive photo gallery to see what style may fit your application.

We tend to sell more attached kits, due to personal preference, but in certain instances where attached is not an option, freestanding is also a great choice.

Freestanding pergolas are very popular for pool areas, hot tub covers, or that special place in your backyard.

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