Vinyl Pergola Kits

Vinyl Pergola Kits are also known as “vinyl patio kits” and this sometimes confuses people, so that’s why we wrote this blog post. If you’ve been searching for information about “vinyl pergola kits” but never considered this other search term, then we hope you’ll continue reading about vinyl pergola kits because you might be quite surprised to find out how great vinyl patio kits are.

First of all: both of these keywords are basically about the same product.  Investing in a vinyl patio kit (a.k.a. vinyl pergola kit) means a virtually carefree type of investment that continually adds value and beauty to your home. The quality of material and the easy way of putting it together is surprising to many people.

Second: our vinyl pergola kits (a.k.a. vinyl patio kits) are 100% commercial grade vinyl materials manufactured by WESTECH, the leading extruder of vinyl products in the U.S.

These vinyl patio kits are:

  • High Impact
  • Weather Resistant
  • Won’t chip, peel or splinter
  • Maintains the appearance for the life of the product

Telescoping Insert Components

To prevent sagging and to provide rigidity and strength, Vinyl Patio Kits includes telescoping galvanized steel components that are inserted into each 2″x6″ beam. This gives you a stronger engineered vinyl patio cover.

Commercial Mounting Brackets

Whether you’re installing your pergola from Vinyl Patio Kits on an existing wood deck, concrete pier or concrete pad, our commercial grade mounting bracket firmly secures your pergola by utilizing hardened steel anchor bolts for maximizing strength.

Vinyl Pergola Kits
Galvanized steel sleeve inserted into every 2″ x 6″ support beam.


Vinyl Pergola Kits - Steel Post Base (5″x5″x3′) for the Retreat and other vinyl pergolas.
Steel Post Base (5″x5″x3′) for the Retreat and other vinyl pergolas.


Did you know that our vinyl patio covers are made from commercial grade, high impact, weather resistant polyvinyl chloride that will never rot, rust or corrode? You won’t have to spend time and money replacing your pergola due to the damaging effects of moisture. Also, unlike patio covers built of wood, or vinyl covers using wood inserts, ours:

  • Will not chip, peel or splinter
  • Will not warp or rot
  • Are not susceptible to termites and other wood boring insects
  • Do not require annual staining or frequent maintenance Guaranteed!
  • Are quality from the inside out.

Read one of our many positive testimonials about our vinyl patio kits:

Many of our neighbors stopped by during the construction of the pergola and commented on the quality, value and easy installation… One neighbor wished he had known about your vinyl pergolas because his wood pergola requires repainting every two years.
Donna and David, Johnsburg, IL

Purchase yours today or fill out our contact form or call us if you have any questions.

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